Learning Through Play To Give Every Child The Best Start


Communication, language and literacy

Children will be encouraged to extend their vocabulary by talking and listening to stories songs and rhymes. A well stocked book corner gives every child the opportunity to understand that written symbols have meaning which will develop their pre reading and writing skills.


With adult supported practical help children soon become familiar with number concepts such as matching, sorting, sequencing and counting activities, which form the basis of mathematics. This will be reinforced with songs, games and books which will help your child become more aware of number sequences and when they are ready to use simple mathematical operations such as adding and subtracting

Personal, social and emotional development

Within a nurturing environment your child will be individually supported to develop their confidence autonomy and self respect, they will be encouraged to work both independently and as part of a team, sharing and co-operating. They will learn to express their own feelings and to have respect for other people’s feelings.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

 Our safe and stimulating environment will allow children to observe and experiment with a range of natural and manufactured materials, using well maintained simple tools and techniques to achieve their intentions and solve problems. They will be encouraged to explore and understand their environment both within the group and the wider community

Physical development

A good range of equipment and opportunities for physical play inside and out will help your child to develop their fine and gross motor skills. They will be encouraged to develop awareness of their own bodies and of what keeps them healthy.

Creative development

The children will be encouraged to use paint, glue, natural resources and much more to express their own ideas and feelings, and to join in with music and stories, and there will be many opportunities for imaginative role play. Our parent board will keep you informed of daily snacks and what activities your child may have been involved with during the session. Your child’s key worker will be responsible for maintaining your child’s progress and development profiles which you can have access to at all times and which will be discussed with you at parents meetings. We believe that constant communication and feedback with parents ensures that all needs and expectations are fully understood and meet.