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Exciting News about Ashchurch Playgroup.

Ashchurch Playgroup are moving on to the Ashchurch Primary school field! At the moment the Playgroup, which is privately run, takes place in the church hall. The Playgroup has become so popular it needs to expand and move into larger premises. An opportunity has arisen for the owners of the Playgroup to purchase a mobile building and the Head Master, school Governors and the Local Authority has agreed that it can be placed behind the Early Years centre on the school field were the tyre park is situated at the moment (this will be moved to another part of the field).
The move will take place at half-term and the Playgroup will begin operating out of the new building after the Easter Break. (Please note that the Playgroup will still be open over at the church during this time). This is a fantastic opportunity for the school & playgroup and will provide a wonderful opportunity for Mrs Kelsey to work in partnership with the Playgroup. We would like to emphasise that the cost of this whole project has been financed by the Playgroup and NOT the school. Access for the new playgroup will be through the gate in Fitzhamon Park which is used by the Early Years centre. A new security gate will be fitted to ensure that our site is safe at all times.

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